Hair Building Fibers Faq's

Q1. How Hair Building Fibers are made of ?

Ans-Hair Building Fibers are readied with 100% characteristic human hairs – the same hairs you have on your scalp. It is completely sheltered and simple to use with zero reaction. Recover your lost loftiness inside of few moments with our danger free & characteristic hair building fiber item

Q2. How do I apply Hair Fibers on my scalp ?

Ans-Hair Building Fibers item is entirely simple and straightforward, so please experience the "HOW TO USE" page this site and perceive how to apply it on your scalp.

Q3. Will Hair fibers damage my skin or hair?

Ans-Hair Building Fibers natural fiber. It is safer than the clothes you wear

Q4. Can regular use of Hair Building Fibers harm my Scalp and Hairs ?

Ans-Please do not worry as we already stated above that Hair Fibers are made with 100% natural human hairs with no side effects. But if you still find any symptoms of an allergy, stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor.

Q5. Can Hair Building Fibers work for both Men & Women ?

Ans-Yes,Hair Building Fibers are made to suit for both men and women as hair fall and sparseness is extremely basic issue among the adolescents in today's way of life and regardless of on the off chance that it is a men or ladies yet everyone need to have the old think back. So anybody can utilize this item with no delay.